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Digit Art Designs Ltd. is a Vancouver full-service digital agency. Our website designers, web developers, and graphic designers provide web development, web design, web strategy, usability testing, interactive design and more.

Vancouver web design and developers team creates inspiring and brand-focused web design solutions that impress and provide a fantastic user experience. The goal? Converting website visitors to customers, results in business growth and success. Our engaging and user-friendly web designs are effortless to navigate and striking to behold. 

With over 200 based clientele under our web designers belt, we strive always to deliver high-quality web design and development with mobile web design strategy in mind first.

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Think Mobile Web Design First


If you still have in your mind that mobile web design and application development is a niche industry, you need to change your way of thinking. Mobile isn’t a trend, nor is it even the future, it’s the present.

More than ever before the web is something that we carry in our pockets, not something that merely hangs out near our desks or even in our homes. This is a global trend that will only continue to see growth in the coming years. Are you ready for this? We are.


Build Your Brand With Us


Our dedicated media team is committed to helping you create the perfect digital media campaign to advertise your business or product. We can help you craft unique and memorable campaigns tailored to your specific needs.


Vancouver Real Estate Web Design


Having a Website Designed that appeals to all of your users is one of the hardest things to accomplish for a marketing company. Unlike mediums such as magazines or radio commercials, you don’t know anything about your demographic except that they’re looking for a property. Online advertising mediums like websites are a challenge because your demographic is so broad how do you appeal to everyone?

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Each website we build has three major purposes. Its functionality includes the ability for users to find your site. Productivity saves you time and money on maintaining your site and it has to look good. All these have to be met to satisfy your online solution.

Please request a free quote or call us at 604-523-0120 and we will be more than happy to help you with your business online presence.